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Terms and Conditions

CardCloud Terms and Conditions

1.            General Detail

1.1          These terms and conditions apply to CardCloud gift cards provided by Paymentology Limited.

1.2          This document and all communications from Paymentology will be in English.

1.2          This document sets out an agreement between you and us governing the possession and use of the Gift Card.  This agreement will last for a period which ends at the end of the expiry date stipulated on youf gift card.  

1.3          The purchaser of a gift card from Paymentology has the responsibility of ensuring that the eventual gift card user is aware of and will adhere to the terms and conditions listed here.

1.4          By purchasing from Paymentology, the purchaser agrees to all of the terms and conditions in this agreement. 

1.5          Because Paymentology provides cards from third party retailers, these retailers have specific terms and conditions associated with the purcahse and use of their cards. These terms are clearly listed on the purcahse screen for individual cards. The purchaser agrees to these terms and conditions in addition to terms and conditions listed here.

2.            GIFT CARDS

2.1          Your purchased gift card is not covered by the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 or the Payment Services Regulations 2009 .  Your gift card is simply a means of payment. It does not have an underlying transactable account, nor does it constitute a deposit and it will not yield any interest.

2.2          The card and all of its associated benefits are valid for a period specified within the specific purchase page for the card.

2.3          Gift cards cannot be reloaded, except in the case of a refund from a retailer. However, with many retailers, Gift Cards can be combined.  Please view the specific retailer Terms and Conditions for specific details on this.  

3.            HOW TO USE THE GIFT CARD

3.1          A Gift Card may be used by the purchaser or it may be forwarded to any other person for use.  

3.2          Once a transaction has been authorised at the pos terminal of the retailer, it cannot be reversed other than via a refund in relation to a problem with the item purchased. The cost of the purchased item will be deducrted from the remaining balance of the Gift Card. All balances are maintained in GBP. 

3.3          The Gift Card may be used in full or part payment for purchases. In the case of partial payment, the purchaser will be required to pay the remaining amount of the purchase by alternative methods. This could be via cash, debit card or credit card.

3.4          In the event that you experience difficulty in using your card you should in the first instance contact the retailer that originally issued the card. Should the retailer not solve the problem, please contact us (contact details shown in link on bottom of front page of our web site). We will always endeavour to resolve all issues promptly.


4.            FEES AND CHARGES

4.1         In most cases, the purchase and use of gift cards is free of fees, other than postage and packing and associated administrative costs. However, where fees do apply they are clearly stipulated within the teams and conditions of the associated retailer and are clearly stated within the shopping cart. 



5.1          We frequently carry out certain electronic identity checks to verify your identity.  As part of these checks, personal information may be disclosed to credit reference and fraud detection companies. Such companies may keep a record of this data and attach it to your credit file. This record will indicate that there has been an an identity check. It will have no negative impact on your credit rating.

5.2          The purchase of or use of the Gift Card will indicate to us that you consent to the checks described in this agreement being undertaken.



6.1          A Gift Card may only be used for payment within shops designated by the retailer that issued the card. It should not be used in other locations.

6.2          A Gift Card cannot be re-loaded after original purchase

6.3          A gift card cannot be used for the purposes of obtaining cash-back as a partial or whole transaction.

6.4          The retailer or Paymentology may, at their discretion, restrict the use of the gift card, without notice, if fraudulent or suspicious activities are suspected. 



7.1          The original card purchaser will be able to request a refund, subject to proof of identity, production of the original receipt and the return of the Gift Card. Spends on the card to this point will be assessed and deducted from any refund. The refund will be made by returning funds back to the the original credit, debit card that was used to make the purchase.

7.2          The purchaser of the card is entitled to the statutory 14-day ‘cooling off’ period.  Should you wish to cancel your Gift Card please return it to Paymentology at our contact address shown on the main page of our web site, unsigned and unused with your original sales receipt within 14 days of purchase and a full refund will be made.

7.3          After 14 days from the date of purchase only the balance remaining on the Gift Card will be refunded. Paymentology will apply an adminsitrative fee of £8.95  to cover the costs of processing the refund and cancelling the Gift Card.



8.1          You may check the available balance on your Gift Card at Retailer points of sale.



9.1          Card validity periods vary from retailer to retailer. For this reason, please check the specific retailer terms and conditions to determine the validity of the card you are purchasing. Once the validity period has passed, the funds on the card will no longer be available. It is important to ensure that you use the card completely during its validity period.

9.2          Some retailers will allow recovery of card funds after expiry has passed. There is sometimes a small fee for this. Please check the specific retailers terms and conditions for details.

9.3          If you are in any doubt as to the expiry date of the card, you should call us on +44-7900 688677



10.1        If you lose or damage your Gift Card or it is suspected to be stolen please notify Paymentology so that we may immediately deactivate the card  to prevent unauthorised use. we will then agree an appropriate replacement. A cancellation and replacement fee of £5.95 per Gift Card will be payable by the purchaser. This can, at the choice of the customer be deduced from the remaining card balance.

10.2        If it is suspected that the purcahser or cardholder has acted fraudulently or with negligence (eg failing to keep the card safe or failing to notify Paymentology of the suspected theft or loss in a timely manner) the purchaser will be held liable for all card activity.  Paymentology may limit your liability to £50 for lost or stolen Gift Cards prior to you notifying Paymentology of the loss or theft. 



11.1        All telephone enquiries in connection with a Gift Card should be made to Customer Services by calling 0844 77 44 277 or by writing to Customer Services, Flex-e-vouchers Ltd, 2 St James Gate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4BE. The Customer Services team are available 9am to 10pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 10pm on Saturdays, and 10am to 6pm on Sundays.  During these hours we will endeavour to resolve all enquiries immediately, however please note that certain types of enquiry can only be resolved during normal business hours.

11.2        Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.  Correspondence received after the close of business on a particular day will be treated as having arrived at the start of following business day.

11.3        If you wish to make a complaint in relation to your Gift Card you should, in the first instance, contact us using the details provided above and explaining the reason for your disatisfaction.  We will log your complaint and investigate it in accordance with our Internal Complaints Procedure, once we have investigated your complaint we will issue you with a final response in writing. 


12.1        The law of England and Wales applies to these Terms and Conditions.